Customer Orientation
We respect and take good care of customer needs by taking initiative and quick actions in developing and implementing short-term and long-term measures that meet the needs of the customers and the organization itself, striving to meet customer expectations, achieving win-win outcome while increasing customer’s value and supporting the company’s development.

We base our communication on mutual respect. We advocate teamwork, and consider others’ ideas before making decisions and taking actions. We keep in mind the common interests of the company to achieve common ground while reserving differences for a win-win cooperation.
We treat our work and the company with a high degree of responsibility; be accountable for our mistakes; identify initiatives on how to resolve issues proactively,  follow up until they are solved to further improve the company’s overall performance.
Ethical Conduct and Discipline
We strive to be a good citizen and employee, to set a good example for others. We adhere to the company’s Ethical Conduct policy, as well as its processes & regulations and be a person of integrity and honesty in all our activities and decisions.
Profitability and Transparency
We reinforce the concept of cost-effectiveness, and constantly seek methods to optimize our costs and improve efficiency; We believe in transparent processes and fact-based decision making.
We depend on a global mindset with respect and tolerance for the various cultural identities, to position VAST as a strong and competent supplier to the global needs of our customers. We encourage our employees to keep learning and to increase our own ability in adapting to different cultures and circumstances. We embrace change, as changes represent opportunities for development and progress.